What is hydroculture planting?

What is hydroculture planting?

Hydroculture is the cultivation of plants in water, a method of growing plants without the use of soil.

The plants extract their nutrients from the water, which is easy to maintain.

The plants adapt themselves by developing different types of roots that can extract sufficient oxygen and nutrients from the water.

These roots are less branched and have long, fine root hair.


Benefits of hydroculture:

1. Easy to administer the right amount of nutrients and water

An important advantage is the easy and accurate dosing of nutrients. Because the plants absorb their nutrients from the water, the nutrients can simply be added to the water. The handy water level indicator ensures optimum control of the water level, making it easy for you to give the plant the right amount of water.

2. Hydroculture plants need watering less frequently

The granules can absorb water and gradually relinquish it to the roots of the plant. On average, you only need to water the plant once a month. This means that you only need to come over twelve times a year to look after the plants.

3. No acidification or asphyxiation

Due to the coarse structure of the granule, the substrate remains airy and the roots can absorb sufficient oxygen. Hydrogranules have a solid structure so you do not have to add new granules over time. In contrast, when using soil culture, planters have to be refilled with fresh soil as the soil slowly compacts.

4. A healthy plant

The substrate is less susceptible to pests, fungi and bacteria. This, in turn, ensures a healthy plant with less risk of plant diseases.

5. Cheaper in the long run

Hydroculture plants are slightly more expensive to buy than plants grown in soil, but in the long run they are cheaper because the plants are generally somewhat stronger and therefore have a longer lifespan.


Top tips – caring for your plants

  • The cold can cause a lot of damage to plants, never place plants in draughty areas.
  • Turn the planters around to face another direction, will prevent the plants from growing in one direction towards the light.
  • After the initial nutritious feed during assembly and a period of six months, the plant requires liquid feed with each watering.
  • Water the plants once a month, the water level indicator will drop after 4 weeks and its best to wait another 4-5 days to prevent the roots from standing in water continuously.



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