Designing cities with nature in mind

Inspired by The Earthshot Prize series, repairing our planet, series 1.3, clean our air, based in Singapore, greening our cities.

Nature is our greatest air purifier, it filters toxins and produces oxygen.

Biophilic design integrates natural elements including plants and trees, into the design and construction of built environments.

“We must adopt biophilic design into our infrastructure.”

Singapore has become a world leader in biophilic design.

In the late 1960s the city adopted policies to become a garden city and so over the last 60 years it has been transforming its once urban jungle into a city filled with nature.

Adopting biophilic design in the construction of hotels, airports and urban spaces, turning them into living, breathing structures, helping to reduce air pollution.

“It is estimated that urban streets full of plants and green walls could reduce particulates by up to 60% and nitrogen dioxide by up to 40%.”

The benefits of biophilic design brings so much more than just cleaning the air.

Plants and trees emit a chemical called phytoncide and scientists have found that this can improve immune system function and reduce stress-related hormones in our bodies.

“If you can adopt biophilic design in your infrastructure, you are making everyone happier, healthier and more productive.”

Biophilia literally means a love of nature.

It is about living in harmony with and embracing nature, not fighting it.

Today, Singapore has gone one step further to set its sights on becoming the city in nature.

To build on the countries 60-year legacy of being a garden city, Singapore has introduced a 10-year Green Plan to now become a city in nature.

By 2030, Singapore aims to add over 130 hectares of new green spaces as well as planting 1 million more trees.

The plan has been introduced not only to improve the lives of its citizens but to help protect the animals that are now returning to the city.

Other countries are inspired to do the same. 

A network of cities are now springing up around the world, working to pursue the vision of a nature full city, for the benefit of all who live there.

This is the world we want for future generations, a world with clean air and blue sky, happiness and health for everyone.



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