Leaflike at HLDC

Very excited about our attendance to HLDC this year, hosted at our customer venue Pan Pacific. With an inspirational agenda and premium guest list, it was a great day!


Understand why consumers are changing and how biophilic design can facilitate their needs

By Brandon Abernethie, Head of Design, Leaflike

The event formed a new perspective and confirmed some thoughts we had developed about our market, their consumers and how biophilic design plays a role within this evolving scene. Lets deep dive into the customer experience for hotels and understand our customers, customers!

We can determine and confirm some trends, here is an overview of the outcomes from our perspective…

Health and wellbeing
An ongoing basic need and magnified in recent years, health and wellbeing remains at the top of the agenda for most people and venues regardless of location. The notion of back to nature has been around for a while and this was highlighted again at the event, the importance of consumer needs in this area when traveling. Ensuring planting plays a role in providing this environment is firmly recognised.

Business leisure
Together with the point above, consumers have a need to find a relaxed environment to complete their work and leisure requirements. The old debate about having desks in the bedroom and the new concept of ‘leaving the hotel, a better version of yourself.’ To be able to segment your day into work and health is essential and again nothing new when we talk about work life balance, once again recognising biophilia plays a part in facilitating this environment.

Millennial travel
‘Hotels will become an extension of the workspace, especially through design features.’
It was said that millennials are more likely to travel by up to 35%, than previous generations. So embracing the concepts highlighted above, will ensure your venue is fit for purpose for consumers long term. Younger people have a much better understanding of work life balance and the venues that embrace these trends will encourage more visitors.

Locals communities
Simultaneously with the points above, venues are also considering localising through design and creativity so that when a consumer travels from another country they embrace the local culture within the venue. This whole heartedly confirms the need for experiences within the venue. Consumers need to leave feeling the whole experience, not just the good breakfast and the view, the sensory aesthetics and design which incorporate the environment and reflect the true nature of the venue and their brand. Again, biophilic design and sustainable planting plays a role in getting this right.

Childrens influence
‘The future that hasn’t happened yet!’
An interesting concept for this future fit trend, the idea that children can influence your venue based on their offerings is not to be underestimated in this evolving hospitality landscape, whereby consumers can have all they need for their ideal break away including childrens activities.

Underpinning all these points, it goes without saying that sustainability is a mindset for all stakeholders. Consumers need to leave having had the experience they expect and incorporate a range of needs including health, wellbeing and work all wrapped up leaving refreshed and as if they have had a break, not been traveling for work purposes. Gone are the days when we dread staying away from home for work, with these continued trends, venues can provide the luxury and experience consumers demand.




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