Preserved flowers are sustainable

Preserved flowers are 100% natural and have been through a preservation process to maintain their beautiful original state with no need for sunlight or water.

The flower is cut in its prime and harvested to absorb a special feed of 100% plant-based and bio-degradable preservation formula.

The preservation liquid substitutes the water and sap within the flower, which in turn forms a beautiful and natural plant. The stunning florals continue unchanged for months with no light or water required.


The benefits of preserved flowers

  • A low carbon footprint because they do not need water or light.
  • Resistant and long lasting, with the right care they can last months or even years.
  • Cheaper than fresh cut and artificial floral displays, due to their long life.
  • They maintain their natural beauty and fresh look.
  • They do not need maintaining in terms of pruning, water or light.
  • The preservation liquid is non toxic, the treatment is plant based and biodegradable.


Preserved plants are not…

  • They are not artificial – the plants go through a transformation process to stabilise the natural plant. There is no plastic or synthetic fabrics.
  • They do not grow – the preservation process stops the aging of the plant to maintain its appearance as a living plant.
  • They are not freeze dried – no dehydration techniques are used which can damage the qualities of the product.
  • They are not toxic – all plants can be touched by people and pets.


Taking care of the products

  • Avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Remove dust via either an air spray, air blower or soft cloth.


Customer example: The Waldorf Hilton London 

Leaflike supply Everleaf, unique, preserved and seasonal floral displays, the most sustainable option in the range. The Waldorf Hilton London also have preserved palm trees to compliment The Waldorf Palm Court. Together with floor standing living plants which thrive in planters made from recycled wood and an exterior planting display at the front of the hotel, featuring incredibly lifelike buxus in planters made from recycled plastics.


Leaflike gets Silver for sustainability

“We are passionate about helping customers achieve their goals through biophilic design and sustainable planting. With our recent Silver rating for sustainability via the ecovadis online platform, we continue the sustainability journey with The Hilton Group Head Office and their venues throughout the UK.” Brandon Abernethie, Head of Design, Leaflike


“We work with the best suppliers in the industry to ensure we are aligned in the reduction of carbon emissions. Using tools to measure fuel consumption, electricity consumption, energy consumed and fertilizer data, their research shows that preserved flowers and plants have less than a third carbon footprint than that of natural flowers, in a cultivated environment.” Stephen Abernethie, Managing Director, Leaflike


Speak with Leaflike to find out more about how we help customers to achieve their sustainability agenda.


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