World Rewilding Day 20th March


Last week was the second annual World Rewilding Day on 20th March.

Natural processes shape our world. These endless interactions between plants, animals and the elements weave the great web of life. Restoring natural processes is the key to rewilding. Helping woodlands regenerate and our seas recover, letting rivers meander, connecting up habitats to help wildlife move and adapt.

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What is rewilding?

Rewilding is the large-scale restoration of ecosystems to the point where nature can take care of itself. It seeks to reinstate natural processes and, where appropriate and when the time is right, reintroduce missing species – allowing them to shape the landscape and its habitats. Rewilding offers hope and the opportunity to give nature (and us) a fighting chance – bringing it back to life, saving wildlife, tackling climate breakdown, and benefiting people and communities. It’s about moving from nature protection to recovery and restoration.

7 reasons why rewilding matters


A Rewilding Britain Landscape at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 

Rewilding Britain have teamed up with garden designers Urquhart & Hunt to bring a Rewilding Britain garden to RHS Chelsea Flower Show this spring, which reveals the key role that beavers play as ecosystem engineers in landscape restoration.

For the first time at RHS Chelsea Flower Show, visitors will be shown the amazing rewilding impact that eco-engineers such as beavers can have on reversing the loss of nature in Britain and in boosting the beauty and biodiversity of our landscapes.

Beavers are natural rewilders. Their dams create nature-rich wetlands that support many other species and act as a carbon sink, while also reducing flooding risk by holding back storm water flows.

Yet, while these habitat-creating, flood-preventing animals are the beating heart of healthy river and wetland environments across Europe, in Britain we’ve been slow to welcome them back to our countryside after 400 years of extinction.

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Rewilding Britain

Rewilding Britain’s vision is to see rewilding flourishing across Britain, reconnecting us with the natural world, sustaining communities and tackling the climate emergency and extinction crisis.


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