Fresh designs with fresh flowers ….

Have you considered how much designer flowers mean to your guests ?

Flowers are one of the ways you have of influencing how your guest feels about your hotel.  With this in mind it is important that you choose the right style to enhance your clients experience.

One of the floristry styles Leaflike can offer is our weekly bespoke fresh delivered range. Fresh flowers have numerous benefits which include their natural delicate beauty which adds a finishing touch of loveliness to any interior design. The fragrance from fresh cut stems immediately relaxes people, improves their mood and makes them feel at home.

Fresh flowers also speak of luxury and create a prestigious feel to your venue that makes your guests feel special and cared for.

Weekly changing floral designs will ensure your customers and staff never get bored. Leaflikes’ master florists are always producing new innovative designs using the best in season flowers from Holland and hand crafting these into stunning displays that create that instant wow factor.

However we understand that some hotels may not have the budget or the right conditions for fresh flowers in all locations. In these instances Leaflike can offer three other types of floristry as a solution, Lifelike or Preserved or UHS Flowerz. To find out more on these types of floristry please click on the this link :

Let Leaflike become your one stop shop for all your floristry needs.