Insight into 2018 Xmas Trends …

Our top end designers have had their xmas hats on well in advance and have been doing some detailed research to find out what the trends are for this year. ….So, here’s what you need to know to be in fashion this xmas.

4 Schemes that have been picked out as on trend:

Vivid Heritage – This scheme is traditional and lively. It is made up of yellow, petrol blue and red mixed patterns and handicraft techniques and tends towards the natural character.

Balanced Sobriety – This scheme is clear and uncomplicated.  It is inspired by Japanese design and minimalistic in its décor. It is made up of pure white, deep black, red gold and cool grey colour scheme and tends towards a consistently calm harmonious look.

Eclectic Gathering – This scheme is eye-catching and dynamic. It is made up of vibrant tones dominating the pink lemon, mandarin, azure, rose gold and black colour scheme and is spectacular to look at.

Splendid History – This scheme elaborate and  ornate. It is made up of a colours from the ocean and precious stones such as greens and dark blue with highlights of gold and bronze and metallic surfaces creating a luxuriously elegant feel.


According to the experts, nature was a key source of inspiration applied to the above collections. Natural themes with patterns, using fir trees, deer, twigs, snowflakes, stars and feathers was a popular theme and also there was a strong positive correlation towards the Christmas decorations merging with florals and using imitation flowers, blossoms, green plants and succulents. Overall the most voted trend for 2018 is Splendid History so looks like surge of greens and dark blues along with gold / copper and metallic tints and natural decorations will be the trendsetter this year.

Leaflike design team are well on their way to coming up with their own on trend 2018 Xmas Tree combining all of the above details into a stunning designer xmas tree.

Enquire now and ensure you have the most fashionable xmas ever this year