The power of an orchid ….

Fresh orchid displays are a beautiful addition to any venue – they add a touch of class and style, immediately elevating the location around them. Their delicate beauty and exotic blooms are a symbol of refinement, luxury and mystery.

Orchids come in many different colours and some bloom in dual colour combos, which is one of the reasons they are such a versatile flower, and can be an impressive centrepiece on their own, or a beautiful addition to a floral arrangements using other flowers as well

It is a known fact that these flowers carry an unrivalled charm – for instance the Victorians were so mystified by the orchids irresistible beauty that they collected and displayed them like treasures.

Leaflike do a large range of different orchid displays, from large stunning centrepiece displays for Lobby area to mini orchid displays for Restaurant Tables. They are maintained and swapped out on a regular basis so you never have to worry about dead flowers.

Why not add some ‘unrivalled charm’ to your hotel today….enquire now.