Are moss walls living?

We often get asked this common question: are moss walls living?

The simple answer is no, they are 100% natural and real but no longer living.

The moss walls we create in our design studio in Oxfordshire are made from 100% natural moss. The moss we use is sustainably sourced, farmed rather than simply harvested in the wild and goes through a natural preservation process using specialist salts.

This simple process of preserving the moss ensures that its natural state, texture and feel remain the same as if the moss were living out in the woodlands. But instead, this natural product remains in a preserved state and is no longer alive. Because of this process that preserved moss goes through using the natural salts, it cannot be used in exterior spaces where it is exposed to the elements. However, the applications for using moss in interior spaces is endless, from walls, to ceilings, to roofs and even decorative table centres.

You may be wondering whether moss walls still require sunlight despite being preserved?

As a matter of fact, direct sun light in certain circumstances can change the colour of the moss over time. This makes moss an ideal product for dark spaces where living walls may not survive.

Moss walls are a great way to create a maintenance and hassle-free environment using natural elements. They do not require any water from a plumbing or irrigation system to keep them looking fresh.

At Leaflike, our team create the highest quality hand-crafted moss walls for interior spaces.


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