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Thank you to Hotel Designs for inviting us to showcase Leaflike at their event last week. It was a fabulous day, great speakers, topics, discussion and outcomes. Very inspiring for me personally!


Senses, Sleep, Surfaces and Social Space

Each topic throughout the day was relevant to us a partner and supplier for the hospitality industry. Not only did sustainability run as a key theme, but hospitality biophilia was also key to the four areas of discussion.


Here is a summary of the themes and topics discussed:

  • How does landscaping, lighting and design work together to create the ultimate sensory experience that consumers and hoteliers demand today
  • Plants enhance the environment, purify the air, back to nature, bring the outside in, natural materials, not too much technology, back to basics
  • Surfaces are not complete without art, biophilic design or wallpapers
  • Ways in which biophilic design makes workplaces happier and healthier
  • Favourite materials included; ceramic tiles (used inside and out), leather / faux leather (versatile), wallpaper, copper (authentic, historic, warm, easy to clean and sterile), cotton canvas / egyptian cotton (used as décor or part of design)


Hospitality trends:

– Design with local communities in mind, ensuring the social space is relevant to local people

– Co working and digital nomads will increase

– Emphasis on wellbeing and importance of space for productivity and concentration

– Consider energy within social space, feel the energy spots and design with them in mind


Biophilic trends:

– How biophilia contributes to health

– Connect interior landscaping with the hospitality brand

– Green first, black second, meaning prioritising the importance of wellness, plants and sustainability, then design around those elements

– The significance of innovation regarding recycled materials, items and products, for example; planters made from recycled computers


Surfaces trends:

– Keep surfaces as natural as possible, its proven to be more beneficial

– Consider timber, cotton, linen, biophilic design and the connection with nature

– Stone, marble and bamboo are also popular choices

– Meditation, awareness, sensations in our surroundings, tech free areas, surface design, colours, tones etc


In summary, some of the key areas to consider for the future:

– Choose something timeless, don’t swap for the trend

– Keep things simple, react to the science

– Bamboo is a natural, antibacterial and fast growing as a sustainable product

– An increased demand for sustainable surfaces

– Use history to denote current trends, what were we using in the past and what we can learn from and use today, be transient, leave nothing behind

– Social space is described as a celebration of human connection, particularly with the recent global pause

– Is touch the new hero of senses and what if we could make it more memorable



Speak with Leaflike to find out more about how we help customers to achieve their sustainability agenda.



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